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At, we take the hard work of all of our members and visitors seriously. Many of us have dedicated our lives to pursuing the passion of Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, and Hot Rods. For this reason, we are providing this informational page to help protect and preserve this enthusiasm that we all share.

Automotive websites are ideal targets for scammers to attempt to conduct their activities. This is due to the typically high price of the merchandise available. Below we are providing general rules of thumb when it comes to conducting business online.
Remember…."If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
Several things you should be cautious of when buying or selling online:
  Potential buyers or sellers outside of the U.S.
Anyone claiming to represent a third party where they will send you a check for more than the purchase price and ask you to refund or send the difference to someone else.
Anyone using a free email service like,, or any other non subscription service where they didn't need a credit card to get their email address.
Anyone who seems to be in a rush and more worried about the money vs. the condition or shipping terms of the car or part.
People or businesses that do not have verifiable street addresses or phone numbers.
Buy from reputable people, DEALERS, and businesses.
Things you can do to help protect yourself:
  Even if the company has a website, check out the Better Business Bureau in their area.
Verify the business or bank name has phone numbers that you can find in the yellow pages.
If it is a private party, see if their name shows up on caller id.
Never give your Social Security Number or Drivers License Number to anyone.
If you are suspicious of a check, do not deposit it into your own account. Instead send the check to the issuing financial institution for processing. Then ask them to wire you the funds directly to your account.
Walk away from the deal if the buyer or seller refuses to provide you with reasonable information or refuses to make the vehicle available for inspection before money changes hands. strongly recommends the use of qualified appraisers and escrow services. Feel free to contact any members that are listed as Auto Appraisers in the Classic Auto Network Business Directory.
Also check out our Car Forum on the scams going on in the collector car industry. If you have a story yourself, please feel free to post it. These stories can only help our visitors when they make their investment decisions.
Additional info on internet scams:
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