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What kind of luck can I expect by using if I have a Classic Car For Sale, Muscle Car For Sale, or Hot Rod For Sale? Check out some of our Member's success stories below! Their results speak for themselves!
Hey guys. I just wanted to say thank you. I have been looking for a car that was identical to my Dad's 62' Caddy for a few years. I set up a Saved Search and 4 days later got the exact car emailed to me. What a great system. Thanks from one happy Caddy owner!
--Paul - Miami Florida
--Posted On 9/1/2007
Your Classic Car Price Guide is great! It so nice not having to sift through dozens of books to figure out which of my cars is going up or down in value. You keep it all in one easy to understand area. I just wish I started using your guide to track my investments sooner! It also helped me get top dollar for my Corvette that recently sold from one of your ads.
--Tim - Columbus OH
--Posted On 8/25/2007
I was shocked at how quickly 3 potential buyers contacted me on my Chevy Chevelle. Within 2 days I had an offer in hand for my full asking price. I'd definately recommend your Community to my friends.
--Mark H - Houston Texas
--Posted On 9/3/2007
I just wanted to say that I dont' consider myself much of a computer user. I find them to complicated at times. Thanks for having a easy to understand process for helping me to list my Model T. Everything was very easy to understand I got 4 calls in the first week!
--Vern - Trenton NJ
--Posted On 9/8/2007
Hi Guys. Thanks for all the help in helping me figure out where I should price my husbands 64 Ford Thunderbird. I got my asking price from one of your members in 2 days. Great service!
--Sue C - San Diego
--Posted On 9/25/2007
The Caddy just sold! Man that was easy! Thanks for the help with the photos.
--Al F. - Miami Fl
--Posted On 9/27/2007
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